Irish HealthCare Training Institute

Learner Charter

Learner Charter/Mission Statement


To provide strong and effective Health and Social Care Education Programmes to assist sector workers develop their skills and knowledge to promote improvements in Health and Social Care and quality of life for all.


Ethos - To engage learners in an education process that stimulates and supports the aspirations of the Health and Social Care Sector and the individual and to promote a personal approach in social care planning and delivery.



Irish Healthcare Training Institute have a Protection for Learners policy.


“Irish Healthcare Training have a Protection for Learners policy in place with two alternative training providers. This policy ensures that in the unlikely event of programme cessation, you the learner will be given the opportunity to continue the programme that you have commenced with Irish Healthcare Training Institute (FETAC Level 5 Certificate in Healthcare Support) with one or other of these training providers”


Learning Environment and Academic Support

The focus of the teaching strategies is on the development of interpersonal, communication, social and practical skills. Students are encouraged to take responsibility for their own learning and to engage in the learning process with appropriate tutor support. A variety of teaching methods such as Lectures, Tutorials, Group Discussion, Practice Scenarios, Questions and Answers, Hand-outs, Worksheets, Assessment Preparation and Debate classes are used to facilitate various student learning styles. The use of DVD and some role play are also utilised in teaching.


Code of Conduct & Standards

The code of conduct is in place to provide guidelines for the students of Irish HealthCare Training Institute regarding vocational behaviour and responsibilities. It is anticipated that all students will bring to the courses of study values, which may be challenged and developed in line with vocational values.


These values will guide interactions with residents / clients /patients, colleagues, professionals and the public.  They include respect, caring, fairness, trustworthiness, partnership and teamwork all of which are fundamental to vocational practice.  Respect for all individuals regardless of their race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, political beliefs and social class is essential.


All students are required to comply with the expectations outlined here as well as adhering to the relevant work placement practice, policies, procedures, rules and regulations i.e. uniform policy, health and safety, security, infection control regulations of the healthcare/other facility.

Feedback and Evaluation

Irish HealthCare Training Institute is always open to receiving feedback.  At the end of each course/module evaluation forms are given out to learners to providing accurate information about our course/module and services and seek constructive feedback from the learners for improvement.  Learners will be given ongoing feedback on their assessment progress both verbal and written –usually by Course / Module Tutor



At Irish HealthCare Training Institute all learners and staff will have equality of opportunity regardless of sex, age, marital status, sexual orientation, Tran sexuality, perceived religious affiliation, political opinion, race or disability. Selection for learning will be on the basis of ability, qualifications and aptitude for the work. This policy applies to recruitment and training. Irish Healthcare Training Institute are committed to implementing policies to promote equality of opportunity and fair participation in our teaching and learning facilities.  It is important that staff and learners are treated equally, with dignity and respect, involved and considered in every aspect of changes affecting their learning / job position